Benefits of pearl stone

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Properties of pearl stone;

The most important feature of the pearl stone is that it is composed of shelled oysters and mussels, which are sea creatures. Other features of the pearl stone are; It is formed by the substance that the sand grain, which enters the shelled oyster, secretes on the oyster over time. It is a very aesthetic stone used without the need for pearl processing. This oyster shell covering the pearl is also known as mother-of-pearl. In addition, pearls divide by giving birth over time. That's why pearl grains are amorphous because they are constantly growing.

Benefits of pearl stone;

The most well-known of the benefits of pearl stone, because it consists of calcium like our teeth and bones, it allows our body to fully use the calcium we take into our body. Other benefits of pearl stone are; It is used in the treatment of bone pain, chronic headaches and migraine. It has the effect of eliminating negative emotions. It makes people feel sympathy for the person using the stone. It is also said to be a stone of luck and fortune. It strengthens intuition.

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